Who? What? Way?

I was born in Kungsängen just outside Stockholm the 2 of April 1960.
Im the only child of Vega and Lars Dahlstedt.
If? I have some kind of music talent it came from my father, Lars who
was a jazz musician and guitar player in his early days.
As many Swedish children I had the good fortune to be able to learn basic
music i school. "Muiskskolan" was not a part of the regular education but
something you could choose by your own will and it was free of charge.
Blockflöjt (Recorder) was the start for me but then instead of Guitar or piano,
the usual choice, I had the opportunity to begin playing Hammond organ as
a co-operation between my father and my music teacher.
I don´t know if that was a smart choice? I did not learn the sensitivity in the
keyboard. But it was kind of cool!
But maybe I find it more cool today that I did at the time. I soon stopped because
the poor understanding of the connection between music and joy in education at the time.
I was forces to play schlager and Jazz classics that I did not have any understanding about at the time. Today it would have been cool but for a child into Heavy rock, Alice Copper and Deep purple as music inspiration is was just boring and not filled with any lust. I dropped of music school and made my parents buy my a electric guitar, a bas and a drum set that I practice without anything than lust. Poor them :)
Then one day i discovered the Synthesizer! Whoa!
Now I could go back to the instrument that I had some kind of education on.
The Keyboard!

In the end of the 70-t I meet Björn Johansson during my military service.
That meeting should have a big part of my music life.
Together with Björn I formed Plaza (see The music)
First like some kind of synth group and then developing to a full scale show and disco-funk group. It went well and we made it the hole way to record contract
and a couple of years of fun, touring and recording. In the end we where up to
10 persons on stage. Unfortunately was not Sweden ready for us at the time.
We had great success live but did not sell many records. A great time ended 1983 with our last single "I got you".

Björn Johansson and me went on a couple of years as producers and studio owners. An indeed educationally time and a lot of fun.
Meanwhile a stated my career as a dj. The name "dfect" can be located to this time. In the end of my dj carreer folks wanted me to have a name in advertising and on posters.
DJ Leif was not that sexy :) so I looked upon the great names over in US and made with some humor in mind :) the name "dfect" As in the meaning...
Something must be wrong! :)
Well...anyway, after a while I was stuck with the name!
I played at the most of Stockholm dance scene at the time and also had a lot of
clubs going. Most famous is probably Monday Bar that I founded with Johnny Johansson (Johhny Boy) and Thomas Wilkel. An early House Club in Stockholm that
went very well. ...Still do! ...but now days without my presence.
I stopped playing records at the end of the year 2000.
- But you never really stop...do you?

Then a couple of years without music followed.
Just some kind of "by the side Greatest hits" was produced by myself.
Songs that never got released with Plaza and some songs recorded by myself.
The album was called "Privata Bilder" "Private sides" and can be
heard at (The music) Some of them quite fun!

Then a couple of years ago it all started to happen again.
Music is fun so why not.
I meet Krister Hessling during my time as a bar owner
and formed the group "Amorphouse Head" .
Just a basement project but a lot of fun. Listen at (The music)

...and then when the fun was on it all started over.
Thats were we are today!
The new dfect as a "something" was launched!
Listen and hopefully enjoy at (The Music)

ah...buy the way. Are you curious about my musical preferences?
I´m like a little bit of everything, really
But if I have to say something...
Rock: Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, David Bowie, Kiss
Funk: The most with George Clinton-Bootsy Collins like Parliament, Funkadelic etc.
Soul: Rufus and Chaka Chan, Earth wind and fire
Soca: All Groovin soca (Trad. Soca) like Arrow
Unbelievable: Steely Dan, Michael Franks
Swedish: Anders Aleman, Louise Hoffsten
Bluse: All uptempo
...and of course I have to mention Vocal House
I will get back to this chapter ones in awhile when I can think of more