Whats new?


New album "d-funk" is released.
Check out on Apple music, Itunes or Spotify
A Tribute to the funk
Some new songs and som old, remastered
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New album "All New" is released
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A mixure of AOP (Album oriented pop) and funk
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Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

The new album "All new" is in the final stage of produktion
and will be released as soon as possible


First music video release from the album "Generations"



New album "Generation" releasad 2017-03-20
Follow the link: https://open.spotify.com/album/6f2PTg6ZuH22QOAfzhbjUG

Now working on the video for Youtube!


We wish all our listeners a Merry christmas and a happy new year!
New album "Generation" will be releasad sometime in January 2017


Today is my birthday :)
Celebration with a new song from the forthcoming album "Generations"
Check out this funky tune "Funky music"


New album "Good Thing going" ready and can be Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/0Tp5N9i4umOqiW99DKm7lxund at
or at Itunes:

I will, when the time is right also publish the album on this web-site


Doing music and having fun!
Promised a taste of what Im doing for the moment.
Here is a tune called "I Believe (in the power of love)"
Please enjoy and give me feedback


So finally...the new album is ready.
I´m proud!
A lot of work and a lot of fun.
Check out "The future blue" in the music section
Listen, enjoy and let me have your opinion!

A little about the album...
The future blue? Why this title?
-Times have, in certain ways, not been that good lately!
The title mirrors how I look at the future right no.
A bit hard and uncertain but - by all means...get up again!

The music...as usual a mix of everything divided into 5 sections
Pop, funk, blues, dance and "a food series"
Lets begin with the food series. Whats that?
On every album there is a song with a food or beverage theme.
Shortcuts had: "Rather do it myself" about food, service and quality
The Choise had: "The cabinet is open" about a special place with golden liquor at my friend Stefans flat.
And now " Beer, not bear" about the nice feeling of having a beer from time to time.
The Dance section
It´s all about house!
The blues
It´s all about the blues!
The funk
A tribute to my old heroes in Parliament-Funkadelic
The pop
Just as a like to listen to music today
One of the songs, "Shiver" is a remake. It was originally a part of the Shortcuts album
and a great song. I have been working with drums! Better now!